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Wedding Fever

Some Etsy finds that spoke to me today… my own wedding is less than two months away – I can’t seem to think of anything else.

1. Birch Bark Vase from bettula 2. Nest Cake Topper from dearjes 3. Wood Wedding Signs from craftmartexas 4. Bridal Shower Invitations from cutthecakedesigns 5. Just Married Decal from ten23design 6. Just Married Banner from earmark
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… and the dish ran away with the spoon.

Putting this on my “to do” list.
Possible project: Crafting Nursery Rhymes.
If I ever have children – will any of their toys be store-bought?

Free pattern at Happy Together.

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“You should start keeping a journal”…

Pick up any beginner level graphic design textbook, or take a any lower-level GRA class and the one thing you will hear over and over again… “You should start keeping a journal…”

This isn’t the same type of journal as you might keep in an English or writing class – thank god, copy is NOT my forté… but instead it should be a journal of drawings, photos, clippings, colors, images and ideas that fill your head and catch your eye. Some should be created by you, others, found out in the world.

My first class in Graphic Design required it. We were required to paste various assignments into it, and encouraged to put our own random findings in also. I must admit, I did the bare minimum, I’ve just never been the “journal keeping type”. I love to purchase beautiful bound editions, spending ages just pouring over papers, covers, bindings… to find that perfect journal – big enough to hold my ideas, small enough to fit in my purse… a paper stock thick enough to withstand my obsession with permanent markers… a cover that can be folder back on itself completely… I’d purchase it with all the greatest of plans & intentions, thoughts of laying in the grass at the park just pouring my ideas into it… but almost right away the stress would hit me – what to put in the journal? What will be good enough to cover those gorgeous blank pages? Those clean, virgin sheets, so perfect in size & weight? I’d doodle something on the first page – just to get something in there, to break the ice… and then I’d rip that page out, not wanting the first page of this gorgeous journal to be marred by forced doodling…

Within a week, I’d give up on my new journal… placing it on a bookshelf somewhere, gathering dust, waiting to be used, waiting to be filled…

I’m just not a journal person. But I have ideas… and drawings… and I find things all the time that I want to keep, comment on, reflect back on, remember… and so I thought I might try using this blog as my “journal”. Sure, its not quite the same… there is no paper stock to fall in love with, no folded back cover… I can’t take it to the park with me, or cover a page with ink from my beloved permanent marker…

But sometimes you have to improvise. Sometimes design is more about functionality than it is about beauty. Ideally, you can balance the two – and I’m going to try and do that. Bear with me.

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